Body protection

Body protection

25 Paper forage cap 8.5 cm x 27.5 cm white adjustable sizes

Forage cap- Material: paper with perforated upper part for air circulation- glass-fibre free and bre..

100 Face mask tissue 2-layer 19.5 cm x 7 cm white

2-plybreathable, soft qualityno virus protectionelasticated- in dispenser boxNote: not suitable for ..

10 Chef`s hat 23 cm x 27.7 cm white "Provence" adjustable sizes

Chef's hat- Material: crepe paper- absorbent, soft and breathable- adjustable size (55 cm - 63 cm)- ..

50 Fleece face mask 3-layer 17.5 cm x 9 cm blue with shackle

3-ply light blue face mask with nose clip-tie fasteningsuitable for medical and HACCP purposes also ..

100 Sleeve protectors 40 cm x 20 cm blue

Sleeve protector- material: PE- blue for food safety colour- elasticated - suitability: in food prod..

10 Chef`s hat 23 cm x 27.5 cm black "Provence" adjustable sizes

Chef's hat- material crepe paper- absorbent, soft and breathable- adjustable in size (55 x 63 cm)- u..

2 Fleece Overalls white uncoated, size XL

Overall, size XL- material: fleece, PP, uncoated - with zip fastening and hood- with elasticated cu..

50 Fleece face mask 3-layer 17.5 cm x 9 cm white with shackle

A 3-ply white face mask with elastic strap and nose clipsuitable for medical and HACCP purposesalso ..

100 PE Overshoes 15 cm x 7 cm x 41 cm blue

Overshoes of polyethylene, extra strong, 40 µ- blue (food safety colour)- elasticated- size: 14x7x4..

5 Chef`s hat 30 cm x 28 cm white "Toscana" adjustable sizes, laid pleats

High-quality chef's hat- material: non-woven fabric, PP, pure white- absorbent, soft and breathable-..

50 Fleece forage cap 8.5 cm x 31 cm white

The white fleece forage cap is made of non-woven polypropylene in a soft qualityfree from glass fibr..

100 Fleece clip cap Ø 30 cm white

White fleece clip cap- material:non-woven polypropylene and breathable fleece fabric with elastic..

100 Fleece cap Ø 28 cm white

Fleece cap- material: white fleece of of non-woven polypropylene- soft quality- free from glass fibr..

10 Visitor coats, HDPE 150 cm x 125 cm white

Visitors coat- material: polyethylene (HDPE)- length: 140 cm- with press-studs- suitable for all hyg..

25 PE Apron 110 cm x 75 cm white extra strong

White disposable aprons -material:LDPE- extra strong- to tie- suitability: in food production and as..

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